RPAS System

Autonomous HEX-ROTOR RPAS system for counter insurgency and combat operation

“शौर्यम..दक्षम..युध्धेय..! बलिदान परम धर्म !”

In combat scenarios forces need a lethal system which must have high value addition as a mission support element to soldiers . The system must have multi utility and tactical operation capability. We try to design and develop a multipurpose heavy lift VTOL HEX- COPTER which will be value addition at real combat scenarios for forces. The modular design allows it to configure for a specific type of mission.

This heavy lifting platform will act as an airborne transport system at the battlefield . Our goal is to develop an autonomous heavy lift utility unmanned airborne flying platform ,which forces can implement for cargo transport to remote area ( carrying aminitions , fasterd keet , communication devices , food). The specialty of this flying machine is that it can be configured as an UCAV ( unmanned combat air vehicle ) .

One of its variants can carry a motorized gun platform and target acquisition system ( exp. Lessor pointer and locking system ) . It’s another variant can carry a grenade-dropping mechanism.It is capable of dropping ammunition from great heights, while the operator is safely ensconced well behind the front lines.

This multi purpose flight platform can be configured as offensive , defensive , surveillance , transport mode. On board EO /IR Opto electronics sensor shoot capable of Day and night surveillance and reconnaissance operation .This tactical information can be shared to forces at real time with a secured network .

It is capable of network centric warfare which will be a force multiplier decreasing risk to warfighter .These critical intel highly assentian for forcese to execute missions flawlessly without any casualty.

Design /Manufacturing Standards


All up weight

8KG (without payload)

Rotor Diameter


Stall speed


Cruise speed (Min and Max speed )



4 Km


35 min (with 2.5 Kg  payload)

25 min  (with 5 Kg payload)

15 min (with 10 Kg payload)

Operational Altitude

10m-120m (Recommended)

Ceiling Height

500 m

Propeller max speed for safe operation

1300-7000 RPM/MIN

Power plant (source of supplying power)

12S(48.4V) 22,000 mah
12S (48.4V) 20,000 mah
12S (48.4V)14,000 mah

Payload (maximum load to be expected in operation)

12 KG (Max)

Shock absorbing mechanism ( at rough landing and to bear the shock loads)


Thrust / Weight ratio

3 (without payload)

Type of Data-link Used for communication


Type of Materials used for construction (strength and properties need to be in the design data )

ABS/ Carbon fiber

Fabrication methods

Carbon , CFRP

Weathering corrosion and abrasion protection method in design

Not designed

Fire resistance identification plate on UAV


Video transmission Distance ( no obstruction ,no interference)

5 Km

Data transmission Distance ( no obstruction ,no interference)

5 Km