Military Uses

Military Uses – Autonomous Rotor UAS

  • LR01 VTOL Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) systems allow complex intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) over any terrain, in any weather conditions.
  • The multiple combat-proven operational configurations also include maritime patrol and persistent surveillance.
  • Powerful Autonomous Multi utility Rotor System for Cargo delivery in Battle field
  • Reach to those places where human can’t reach
  • Can carry multiple payload at high Altitude operation
  • Tactical deployment of LR01 VTOL UAS for AIR Patrolling, Surveillance and Reconnaissance at hostile Environment
  • Designed for Dull, Dirty and Dangerous Mission
  • Its variants can use for both offensive and Defensive action
  • It will act as heavy duty airborne rotor transport vehicle for Army at high Altitude Operation
  • LR01 VTOL Weponized variant can carry motorized gun platform, greened dropping mechanism, ammunition
  • Costal patrolling, maritime surveillance for cost grads
  • Counter Insurgence, Antiterrorist and Anti naxal operation
  • All terrain All weather Flying transport carrier (diverse as deserts and mountain ranges, and conditions that range from tropical to arctic)
    Goals: To design a rugged, robust air transport system which can wide range of potential to gather intelligence, target missions and survey borders. Robust and combat proven, with hundreds of thousands of operational flight hours.