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LR01 VTOL Fixed Wing UAV is a professional and high- performing VTOL UAV offering outstanding efficiency and elegance. The system has been designed to quickly and safely integrate different sensors to meet the needs of a variety of fields of application. It can autonomously and safely take off and land vertically with highly sensitive sensors on a minimum area.

With no need for any take-off or landing runways, a pure VTOL aircraft, it is able to vertically ascend to an altitude, where it transitions into forward wing-bound flight for the duration of the mission. Its aerodynamic design as fixed wing aircraft enables a very efficient operation. With low operating costs, non-expensive launch & recovery hardware, there is need for less staffing. Our Electric Vtol Fixed Wing Uav is “value for the money” and competitively priced in its league of UAV’s.

LR01 VTOL Fixed Wing Uav is suitable for:

  • Territory Survey & Aerial Terrain Mapping
  • Precision Agriculture & Mapping
  • Defense & Police Surveillance Services
  • Urban Planning
  • Forestry Management & Research
  • Disaster Site Monitoring & Inspections and many more applications


  • Vertical Take-Off and Landing from any terrain for operations from remote areas
  • Full autonomous mission capability with easy to use rugged ground control station.
  • Operational ceiling of 3000m AMSL
  • Advanced composite construction airframe
  • Less than 5 cm of accuracy with PPK in ideal conditions.
  • Real-time Geo-tagging Trigger Mechanism with downloadable Log file.
  • Upto 750 gms of Interchangeable payload options for application specific missions
  • Encrypted telemetry and digital video link for long range communication

Payload Options:

  • Mapping Camera
  • Multispectral Cameras
  • Day 10x/ 30x Optical Zoom Camera, Night Thermal sensor



Span/Length     |     2.5M/1.6M


Uav     |      8.5 Kg


In Kilometers      |      5+ km

Coverage Area (single flight)

In Kilometers      |      Upto 5 sqkm, flying at 120 m


In Meters     |      3000 Amsl


In Minutes     |      90 minute configurations

Cruise Speed

In Km/H      |     60 Km/H

Maximum Speed

In Km/H      |     90 Km/H

Take Off Mode

Autonomous Vertical Takeoff And Fixed Wing Conversion

Recovery Mode

Conversion From Fixed Wing To Autonomous Vertical Landing


24 MP Sony Alpha A-6000 with trigger mechanism

Micasense Rededge X

Payload Platform

Fixed Bottom Mount

Propulsion Type

Electric Motor (Non-Audible Beyond 200m)

Operating Altitude

100m-1000m Agl

UAV Modes

Auto Take-Off

Navigation Modes: Path, Loiter, Semi Circle, Geo Survey 

Auto Landing: Defined Point Fully  Autonomous Touchdown

Smart Return to Home

Battery Charger

Ac/Dc Multi Input Balance Charger

Fail Safe

Return Home And Autonomous Safe Landing For Emergencies Like Low Battery, Loss Of Communication


Portable By Two Men, Rugged And Water-Resistant Backpack


Single User License Included
Flight planning and telemetry
Integrated Map Display

User-Friendly Interface

NPNT Compliant Software

Laptop Not Included


Map 2d (Standard Image Types: Tif, Jpeg, Gif)

Waypoint Navigation

256 Points Dynamically Programmable


22000 mAH Lithium Polymer

Sustainable Landings

500+ For Structure

Optional Equipment’s

PPK/ RTK Gps Base Station


Standard Rugged Case Or Light Weight Rugged Case Or Water Resistant Backpack