Civilian Uses

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Commercial and Civilian Uses

We have dedicated ourselves to creating unmanned autonomous aerial platforms that can remove the need for humans to enter dangerous confined spaces in order to collect inspection data.
Air Borne Survey and Inspection reduce the need for humans to enter dangerous confined spaces. Used for crucial inspection work across multiple industries, saving companies millions in inspection costs and reduced downtimes, and eliminating thousands of hours of dangerous confined space entry for inspectors.
Our commercial goals:-
A market-leading solution having a global impact in the inspection of hard-to-reach places, keeping humans out of harm’s way. Not only is this an amazing bit of kit, but as a product and service, it is very well designed and clearly provides significant safety benefits. It is designed with safety of personnel in mind, meaning no need to conduct inspections manually. The drone is designed to remove people from working at height and in hazardous spaces, and it also helps facilities run more efficiently and thus sustainably. Ultimately, this is not about replacing jobs; it is about helping people with their jobs and ensuring they’re not placed in danger.

  • Airborne Utility Transport UAV for commercial and military purpose
  • Provide customize flight platform solution for enterprises want to expand their reach faster and safer
  • Satisfies business demands using simple and affective air transport now and in the future
  • Premier provider of intelligent aerial logistics solution
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing business processes with customized flight platform solutions, enabling new scenarios not achievable with traditional flight platforms and reduces overall cost for businesses.
  • Make India self-reliance in Unmanned airborne solution
  • Reach remote unaccusable places in a glance
  • Use autonomous airborne platform to mitigate current world problems where time is precious
  • Support secure and help from the sky
  • Air ambulance to supply medicines , emergency health care , utility to remote location
  • Disaster response
  • GIS Mapping
  • Can carry EO/IR sensor for industrial surveillance and security
  • Traffic monitoring, air patrolling and polishing, crowd control
  • Agricultural multi spectral and hyper spectral mapping, crop shedding, crop dusting , Agricultural spraying,
  • Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Maritime, Infrastructures & Utilities, and Public Safety, has pioneered and continues to lead the innovation in the commercial drone space.
  • Dangerous inspection jobs of nuclear plant. Reducing the need for inspectors to enter hazardous confined spaces, it also makes them quicker and cheaper.